Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mel B: "I wasn't famous enough"

Mel B in London last week.

According to Closer magazine, Melanie Brown is said to have confided in friends saying that she wasn't a big enough star for Eddie Murphy - and that's why he dumped her. A pal is quoted as saying:

"Mel feels she's been given the push because she isn't A-list enough for Eddie in Hollywood.She may have been a big star in Britain, but in the States she's an unknown.

Mel knows that Eddie is desperate to make a movie comeback in Hollywood. She believes she has been sacrificed for the sake of his career."

The source went on to say: "She's totally devastated by all of this. Her world has been torn apart."

Eddie's sources are quoted as saying: "Eddie started dating Mel about two months after he divorced and he regarded it as a rebound fling. He thinks she took the relationship more seriously than he did and was stunned when she told pals they were planning on getting married."

The source concluded: "Eddie's family were wary of Mel because things had moved so fast. When she announced she was pregnant, they liked her even less."

So from weekend stories of Melanie apparently "cheating" we now see this story that claims Melanie "wasn't A-list" enough. get ready for the next chapter...............


  1. I think this story is getting quite dizzy but I think it's stupid that Mel thinks she wasn't good enough for Eddie :S

  2. I bet most of these press stories are made up, as neither Mel nor Eddie have given public interviews since the story broke.

  3. LOL I didn't know that (maybe it was obvious though) but then I've "suffered" for nothing !! :P


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