Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eddie The Cheetah!

Turns out Eddie Murphy was quite the "cheetah" on leopard skinned Scary Spice (Melanie Brown), as it turns out he's been dating Tracey Edmonds for about 6 weeks. The love rat spoke out a few days ago saying he wasn't with Melanie Brown anymore and had no idea who the father of her unborn child will be, implying that Melanie was the one who slept around.

But as the story unfolds, it seems he is the cheating one as Melanie had no idea she had been dumped for Tracey(ex wife of "Babyface"). Melanie was quite loved up with Murphy and was looking forward to having his baby, spending Christmas with him and getting married. Now that dream is in tatters.

It's been reported today that Eddie's staff did not get along with Mel, finding her "rude and abrasive". Eddie is said to have "hit the roof" when he found out what Mel had allegedly been saying to them.

Watch this space for more news........................


  1. In my opinion Eddie isn't good looking so Mel didn't lose the man of his life! I just hope Mel takes this with maturity.

  2. Yeah, lets hope she gets through this a stronger person.
    When loves goes wrong, it's bad enough - but when your famous and its broadcast worldwide, it's even worse.


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