Saturday, December 09, 2006

Emma Bunton - A week in Mono

It's been such a week of news for anyone who likes any of the Spice Girls. As robmacca has been reporting on Melanie Brown's very public split from Eddie Murphy all week, then we had the Spice Girl reunion stories last weekend. Melanie C was on "An Audience With Take That" and Victoria is never far from the media lens.

Behind the scenes "Baby Spice" Emma Bunton has been hard at work. She's been training for about 6 hours a day for "Strictly Come Dancing", then tonight will appear before 10 million people as she battles to stay in the show with dance partner Darren. Last weekend Emma returned to G-A-Y at London's Astoria for a special live show to launch the new album "Life in Mono". Packed crowds watched as Emma performed "Something Tells Me", "Maybe", "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", "Take Me To Another Town" and "Downtown" with some sexy dance routines.

Watch some of the performance here:

This week Emma went on breakfast's GMTV and dressed in a sexy yellow outfit, performed "Something Tells Me" with a very festive feel to it. You can check out the performance here:

Then she's been busy giving interviews and appearing on various other TV programmes to promote her new album "Life in Mono" and Strictly Come Dancing. The album is set for a bumpy ride as early predictions indicated it had only sold a few thousand copies at the start of the week. This prompted singer Jamelia to take a swipe at Emma, saying her career had gone "Downtown". Emma responded on MTV saying:

"In this business we should be supporting each other because we know how hard it can be. We're all writing, we're all recording. Her comments aren't very 'Girl Power'."

Newspaper reports have been bursting with stories about how Emma could adopt if she can't have children naturally. As well as reviews on the new album and news about Emma crying behind the scenes because of Strictly Come Dancing.

So while Melanie Brown may have dominated the headlines worldwide, Emma Bunton has been working hard back home in the UK. Let's just hope the album sells well and Emma survives another week on Strictly Come Dancing.

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  1. Gosh this really makes me feel sad :( Emma is such an amazing person and even though I like Jamelia her comment was really mean. Before reading what did Emma replied I thought she had offended Jamelia but to my surprise she said something really nice and that's why I like her so much. I wish her album can get higher :(


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