Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas - Highs and Lows

Last year I did a blog topic with this same title ( ) ,so I thought it would be a good idea to review the Christmas period once again.

Highs: It was a busy social time catching up with friends throughout the month, some I hadn't seen for almost 10 years. An active social circle helps balance my "net" world, as real friends prove in so many ways just why they are my friends. It was also good to see one of my brothers in a more sober environment. As I said last year, I don't celebrate Christmas as such - yet I seem to be getting good at compromising!
It was a little treat to spend Christmas Day with Malcolm, Lorraine and Josh once again - it's become a mini tradition. Malcolm surprised us all as Lorraine and he pulled a cracker. Inside was an engagement ring, and after 12 years they are finally looking set to get married.

Here is the the only picture caught on camera as Malc got on bended knee to propose to Lorraine. I remember the days when they Malc lived at my house and they started going out, but that's a different story.............
Even though I don't send cards etc, it's still nice to get cards in the post, and friends and lovers from days gone by sent lovely messages/texts - which is a constant reminder that even if you can't see your friends, they still see you in their minds and hearts.

Lows, sadly also follow closely by as December was hard at the start as I had two weeks off work with depression (due to a whole string of events in November) and I had to battle against negative thoughts and feelings. Once again friends helped in many little ways, as did going to a counsellor!

Going out socially in Coventry can be an eye opener sometimes, as I found out during the festive period. When I was out with some former work colleagues at a crowded pub, the lads there were so rowdy and I was also scared to look anyone in the eye in case they hit me! As the night progressed it got rougher and several scuffles broke out and many drinks were spilt.

Talking of pubs and fights - I felt really ashamed of my city/country on Christmas Eve as I'd invited my 3 Lithuanian student friends (see September's Blog) out for the night. This was their first Christmas here and they were all away from family and friends , yet we were having a good night out. That was until some idiot bloke shattered any good image Coventry may have had. This drunken fool hit my friend - breaking his teeth, making his eye bleed and almost damaging his glasses and camera. For what reason? None other than my friend was innocently taking pictures of the pub and the people. It makes me sad that people feel the need for aggression once they have had a drink......................

While the season is a great time for caring and sharing, it can also be a time of thoughtless acts. The picture above was taken by me today while out on my post round, it shows how someone has broken all the glass panels in the telephone box.

So for 2007, may we be realists that see both sides to a story, yet are able to stay focused on the good. Even though we may stumble and fall at times - remember those friends around you that pick you up when your at your weakest. They may also need you to support them when they face hard times. Friendship can be in the form of a text or a call, a card or a cuddle but being a friend to others is what makes the world a better place..........................


  1. WOW Rob seems like you had a good time lately, I'm glad you were able to see all your old mates, it's great that two of them are getting married after 12 years!
    As you say friends always pick u up when you're down but soemtimes the trouble is where are your friends..

  2. The good news is, as you get older your friends become more evident and loyal. They are the ones who stand the test of time and remain friends - no matter what happens.

  3. hey hey - merry christmas/december!

    good to read your highs and lows; although the lows aren't good. rest assured, as a member of Team Macca i am always here for you...why, i am not sure, but i am (LOL) - seriously!

  4. Yeah, you can't get rid of me that easily - I'm here like a rash that doesn't go away!

    Glad to have you as part of the team :-)

  5. So the highlight of your Christmas wasn't my impromptu drunken visit to Rainbows then? :)

    (Belated Happy New Year

  6. That was a high point indeed.

    It's always good to see you out and about - reminded me of the good old days!!!!!


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