Saturday, December 23, 2006


  • Simon Cowell wants Emma Bunton to be part of the next series of "X Factor" according to the Daily Star in a shake up for next years reality programme.
  • Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud is strongly tipped to be one of the housemates in "Celebrity Big Brother" when it returns to our screens on January 3rd.
  • Geri Halliwell wants to open up a horse riding school for lonely mothers who want to keep fit while having their children looked after. (just don't tell Geri's nanny!)


  1. Interesting about next year's X-Factor. I read today that it looks like Louis & Sharon won't be a part of it...

  2. I stopped watching it after the first series *yawn*

    I wish the programme would just go away!

  3. I think Emma taking part of X fcator wouldn't be a nice idea because even if it's publicity for her people woould start to think that her career as a singer is going down especially 'cos she has just taken part of SCD or could it be that she wants to be a TV presenter now? :P

  4. Emma has done various bits of TV work in the past - including presenting CD:UK, so it might be fitting if her music career takes a back seat

  5. i too hate xfactor - i think these talent shows have corrupted the music business


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