Friday, May 25, 2007

The robmacca Music Weekend

"The robmacca Music Weekend" consists of 4 days, 4 locations with 3 different bands. The week has been non-stop with virtually no sleep, I was so tired I was able to nod off during band practice on Tuesday next to large amps that were pumping loud tunes. Lets see what is lined up:

Friday: Girls Aloud, Birmingham NIA

It has become a tradition to go and see the Girls Aloud concert, it's entertaining and of course all 5 look damn hot on stage. Who knows this could be the last time they tour!

Saturday: Drug For The Good, Coventry Dog and Trumpet

New band perform their very first proper gig, selling all 340 tickets in aid of a children's charity. These 4 postal workers from Coventry will take to the stage with a mix of covers and own songs. There is a special stage appearance by robmacca - this is a first!

Sunday: The Ripps, Birmingham Barfly

Coventry's finest, The Ripps will be giving the Bank holiday Sunday crowd a good reason to party all weekend with a set featuring many songs from their acclaimed album "Long Live The Ripps" at Birmingham's Barfly venue. I'm travelling over with Alex - this will be the first time he has seen The Ripps on stage.

Monday: The Ripps, Brighton Pressure Point

It's the Bank Holiday and what could be better than a trip to the seaside? No time to paddle in the sea as we're not arriving into Brighton until about 7pm. The gig kicks off around about 8-9 pm so it will be a mad dash across town to have our second session with The Ripps. This time it will be my chance to cheer on the Coventry trio as they belt out some mighty fine tunes in Brighton.

The night will no doubt involve lots of alcohol and then it's a nice long coach journey back to Coventry on Tuesday, rounding off an exhausting 4 days of music!

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  1. Happy go lucky... not for me really... I try to be happy but I'm not lucky enough to see GA live !


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