Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mel B To Sue Eddie Murphy

A pissed up Mel B cried, "What are you starring at?" at late night clubbers in London's China White, then was soon spotted crying the night away as she was out with fellow Spice Girl - Geri Halliwell. Melanie Brown has said she will take Eddie Murphy to court over the long running paternity battle of her new born daughter, Angel Iris.

"He's not doing a DNA test and he's not signing the birth certificate", say press reports today and even though Melanie's law team have contacted Eddie's team - there has been no response. So now Melanie is taking it to the courts in order to finally prove Eddie Murphy is the father of her child and should take on his responsibilities as a parent. According to Melanie, he has yet to even see his daughter. Looks like this could turn into quite a block buster.................

David Beckham's Birthday Photo's on: robmaccaEXTRA


  1. She should just forget it all!! I mean she can continue with the legal process but without being so upset :P

  2. I think it's hard if your the mother of a child where the "father" is denying even being the parent, let alone supporting the poor girl!


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