Friday, May 11, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final Results 2007

03. Belarus
06. FYR Macedonia
07. Slovenia
08. Hungary
11. Georgia
14. Latvia
17. Serbia
21. Bulgaria
22. Turkey
24. Moldova

The countries that didn't get through the semi final were:
Israel, Cyprus, Iceland, Montenegro, Switzerland (my favourite!), The Netherlands, Albania, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Norway, Malta, Andorra, Estonia, Belgium and Austria.

The results have shocked the Western European countries as NO traditional Western European country made it through the Semi Final stage and several favourties went out of the contest on Thursday night.

The final on Saturday night looks like being a very good Eurovision for Eastern European countries. Maybe the West could gang up and give the UK "12" points and bring some respectability back to the contest!

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  1. WOW that's great, I feel pretty excited about this :D


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