Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Nation of Drunks!

It will come as no surprise that Britain has been branded as a nation of binge drinkers, who are fame obsessed. The Lonely Planet guide for Britain details how we eat more junk food than the rest of Europe combined and are devouring Internet porn at the fastest rate on Earth - making us a right bunch of wankers!
Interestingly, it is a well known fact that Britons are more likely to vote in a reality fame programme than in a General Election. On a positive note - diversity in cultures has given us a nation of good food and cities like London and Birmingham are praised in the guide. I wonder what the 24 million yearly visitors make of the UK, it seems a far cry from a generation ago when being British held a certain honour and dignity.
Quick someone pass me my Pot Noodle and can of Carling, I need to vote in Big Brother before I surf the net for porn................................

1 comment:

  1. Oh this is quite surprising hehe but well after all every country is different lol the porn factis quite funny :P


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