Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coventry City 1987 FA Cup Final - Home coming Video

Thanks to my friend "WoiC" on MySpace for sending the link to this video of Coventry City Football Club during their triumphant return to Coventry, 20 years ago today.

I was a cocky 18 year old and I didn't really understand what it all meant as I'd never been to a football match in my life at that point. For me at 18, it was all about drinking, mates and trying to climb the career ladder as I worked in a supermarket called Gateway in Holbrooks.

Now watching this video for the first time today, brought a tear to my eye, because it reminded me that I was there outside the Council House trying to make my own way home after that Sunday morning overtime shift. Then the sheer volumes of people (estimated 250,000) meant I couldn't go home so had to stand and watch Coventry City Football Team make their way onto the balcony to the raptures of the fans and city that were so proud.

Another reason for feeling quite emotional at watching this video, is because 20 years later I am older and hopefully more wiser. I am proud of the city I was born in, work in and will die in. I'm proud of our past in the FA Cup Final of 1987 and also for all this great city of Coventry has achieved in my life time.

No longer do I think as a child but I've learnt to value more the things that really matter, I've learnt that happiness can come outside of the rat race to make lots of money and have a job title that looks important. The simple things like friends, culture and being free to be myself far out strip the "need" to live in a fancy house or drive a flash car or even to be "seen" to be someone socially.

It's funny how a video like the one above , can put 20 years of living back into perspective!

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  1. LOL I dunno why but for an unknown reason I just don't like football soccer .. lol and it's quite funny 'cos my sister loves it and even goes to foot ball soccer classes :P


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