Friday, May 11, 2007

The Comeback

Micki and Valerie stars of "The Comeback"

It was raining outside so I was having a lazy day off and ended up watching 6 back to back episodes of "The Comeback" staring Lisa Kudrow. To start off with I thought it was an awful American version of "The Office" and I was judging the character based on her role in "Friends" as Phoebe.

But the longer I watched it, the more drawn in I got. I know it was slated in America and soon ditched by the networks but I kind of like it as a spoof reality programme. I'm not sure if any UK channels have it yet but the first 6 episodes are available on Virgin Media's TV on Demand service.


  1. Micki looks like a right old queen!

  2. He is - but he doesn't like people to think he's gay!


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