Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One Quits, One Returns and One Won't Go Away

One Quits: Emma Bunton (the one on the left of the picture!) is reportedly quitting the music industry following her poor album sales and will instead concerntrate on being a mother.

One Returns: Bjork is returning on May 7th with her sixth studio album called "Volta". It's a return to form along the lines of the 2004 album "Medulla" and is produced by Bjork, who worked with some top notch co-producers Timbaland and Mark Bell.

One Won't Go Away: Gareth Gates bounces up and down more than a new bride on her honeymoon! He's not given up quite yet and has another single out April 9th, called "Changes" - well not all things change and we predict another flop, another comeback, another flop. You get the idea................

1 comment:

  1. I feel a bit sorry for Emma but I nkow she doesn't care at all 'cos now she'll be able to be a full-time mum and that more important thaan having a lot of money, I feel sad for poor Gareth.. his song is just so random.


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