Friday, March 30, 2007

Entertainment Snippets

The Teletubbies are 10 years old today and don't look a day older than when they first burst onto our screens with their now famous "Eh Oh" "Tubby custard" and "Tubby toast". The life size Teletubbies have been out and about promoting themselves in America, looking as gay as ever. No wonder the show is a hit in 120 countries. Long live the Teletubbies!

In a bid to improve relations with the Middle East, the British government will be sending Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett to the region. She will be in a full veil because she is so hideous and spin doctors are hoping that if Mrs Beckett is covered up with a veil it will end the hostility Britons are experiencing in the region.

David Beckham revealed a brand new haircut to go along Victoria's new blonde look. Fans will be happy it is a normal hair style and easy to copy. The Beckham's were in London last night for the Sport Industry Awards 2007.

Royal Marine rifleman Nathan Thomas Summers, who is currently being held captive by those evil Iranian's, appeared on Iranian TV today looking very much like singer Justin Timberlake. You almost expected those terrible lying Iranian's to force the poor bugger to sing "Sexy Back"

118,000 American's bought the new album by Joss Stone this week, thus proving there are alot of people out there who really ought to be locked up! At least we Brits have moved on from Joss Stone (as seen at the Brit Awards, Feb 2007) - but no wonder the American's like her ....... she sounds like a fake yank. Say no more!


  1. David Beckham looks great!! I think he looks sexy. haha but honestly I don't think that haircut fits me :P

  2. Teletubbies are 10yrs must be time for Tubby ByeBye soon...


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