Saturday, March 24, 2007

robmacca reveals some unseen pictures

They are a collection of the worst robmacca pictures EVER, yes the ones that never made it to blog land. But now as we say goodbye to the Samsung D600 phone and hello to the Samsung D900, it's time to finally reveal some of those unseen pics.
Click the link here: robmacca's unseen pictures for the complete selection and note just how ugly and miserable robmacca really is!
Have a nice weekend folks...................


  1. I thought Marjorie proops retired years ago :-)

  2. Ahh they're not that bad.. I love to see people smiling :D

  3. I must point out the sunglasses were not mine, although the top I'm wearing is a bit dodgy!

  4. Proops used to be agony aunt for The Sun or Mirror I think.......

  5. I looked more like Maureen Lipman from the old BT adverts!


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