Friday, March 02, 2007

Posh Victim of Pig Attack

Posh shopping in Beverly Hills

Victoria Beckham was the victim of a pig attack during a recent visit to a school in LA. She was trying to select a school for her three sons, but as she visited the science block - a pot bellied pig took a run at Posh.

According to the National Enquirer; 'Victoria was being shown around the science lab when two pet pot-bellied pigs, who are allowed to roam free, snuffled up to her.'
Instead of warming to the pigs and petting them, Posh fled the scene with the source adding, 'She screamed, 'Get it away!', and tried to run away in her high heels. It was hysterical, everyone was trying so hard not to laugh.'

But robmacca can't help wondering if it was perhaps the same pig that Rebecca Loos wanked off during her stint on "The Farm"...............

Victoria and her hairdresser, Ben Cooke

*Pics: Daily Mail/JFX Retna Celebs

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  1. LOL that's quite funny, I think I would've just moved far from them hehe. The man in the 2nd pic is good looking btw :P


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