Friday, March 16, 2007

Eurovision: Britain Makes It's Mind Up!

It's that time of the year where the UK voting public vote for the song they want to represent the nation for this years Eurovision Song Contest. Although recent years haven't faired too well for the UK, it hasn't stopped some well known musicians stepping forward for their stab at winning the most ridiculed musical event televised in the UK.
The most famous UK winners were Bucks Fizz back in 1981, and press reports in The Sun say the group look set to perform for the first time in 20 years, during Saturday nights "Making Your Mind Up" show on BBC1. Over 210,000 applications were made for the 600 seats available for the programme,according to Eurovision websites.

This years UK song hopefuls are:
1. Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) & Beverlei Brown
2. Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten)
3. Brian Harvey (East 17)
4. Big Bruvaz
5. Scooch
6. Cindi


  1. So far I've only hard Scooch's antry as well as Liz McClarnon's one and I must say both of them are really cool and have different styles.. Scooch could have a big opportunity if pop was still alive.

  2. ^ lol charles, scooch won :S

    rob - i meant to text you last night to insult you etc... but i forgot; which is terrible considering the pub i was in had the show on an' all!

    oh well, there's still the actual contest itself...

  3. Oh I didn't know that Scooch won that's good.

  4. I missed it all because I was out for Saturday night - but I was kept up to date thanks to Norm.

    I'm semi shocked Scooch won but then this IS Eurovision and anything can happen.

    Think I might have another Eurovision party this year :-)


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