Friday, March 23, 2007

Girls Aloud - United or Divided?

Girls Aloud are all over the media this week as they topped the UK charts with their third #1 single, "Walk This Way" for the Comic Relief charity. But it's Louis Walsh who is trying to steal the headlines as he went on record saying he thinks the girls should split up after the next studio album, which will be their fifth since winning the reality programme back in December 2002.

Other websites and newspapers have reported that Sarah Harding is set to "quit" the band to join the Arctic Monkeys. We reported the story here on "robmacca" last week and we know Sarah has no plans to switch groups on a permanent basis, so is very much united with her fellow band mates. Sarah is said to be working with Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Tuner. I've not even mentioned the dream I had about Sarah this week..............

All the press stories talking of a possible divide in the group haven't stopped Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle and her Desperate Housewives boyfriend, Jesse Metcalf from apparently becoming united as one! According to the media headlines, The actor is said to be ready to pop the question to the Girls Aloud beauty, after dating her for just over a year.

A source close to the couple said: "They're completely in love. Their romance was sealed after Nadine spent time with Jesse in Los Angeles recently.They are so happy together, despite living on different sides of the world. They have learnt to deal with a transatlantic love affair very well. Marriage is the next step." The couple began dating last February after meeting while they were both in Australia while Nadine was making a documentary.

Rather interesting, since many other reports have Jesse Metcalf in rehab this week following a four day drinking binge at Los Angeles' Mondrian hotel, where he was subsequently banned from.

I've a feeling some of these stories are a little pie in the sky or Jesse Melcalf was still somewhat drunk, just as well Nadine Coyle keeps her knickers well and truly on (as reported today) and is a respectable Catholic girl!!


  1. ooh - i think you should be one of those people on cable tv who provide 5mins of celeb gossip everyday inbetween the ads!

    it's your vocation!

  2. That would be my ideal job - 5 mins of being a media whore a day!


  3. alas, instead you have to contend with just being a 'whore'

  4. OK, well that will take all of 1 minute 10 seconds of the day ;-)


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