Wednesday, March 14, 2007

robmacca update

Time for another robmacca update since I've been a bit quiet recently..................

Yesterday I finally recovered from food poisoning or a bug I'd got last Wednesday. It wasn't very nice vomiting as I was preparing dinner for my Russian visitors last Thursday evening! I thought I'd recovered but by Monday I had really bad stomach pains so went another 30 hours without eating and a 15 hour sleep to finally shake it off.

The best cure was a night out on the town last night with lots of alcohol - a sure way to test if I was fully recovered! The picture above is me dressed up ready to go out with some friends. I managed to survive - even when we ended up at Jumpin' Jaks!!

It's that time of year where I update my mobile phone contract and I've been so pleased with my Samsung D600, that I'm just upgrading to the D900 free of charge! The new phone will be arriving in the next few days and has a 3 megapixel camera (my current one is a 2 megapixel camera) - so expect even better mobile pictures making their way to the blog in the coming year! I'm sticking with my current O2 contract as 500 mins and 500 texts a month is suiting me very nicely.

Now that I've sorted my mobile out, my next priority has to be my TV/Internet - since ntl merged into Virgin Media, the TV has gone down hill. Virgin Media and Sky fell out and so now we don't have certain Sky channels. Then the other week I didn't have TV at all as Virgin reset the frequency and so for 3 days I had bugger all until they came sorted it out. The "TV On Demand" service has been crap - most times not working, which results in me missing programmes I wanted to catch up on. Finally the internet service is just plain SLOW, most of the times being just 10 mbps - great for watching paint dry!

So I've got to find a better alternative and that I will....................................

Right, that's my update and my moan (after all, it is my blog and I'll cry if I want too!).


  1. Hey it's great knowing you're not ill anymore! :) looks like you had fun with your outfit hehe. I'll be waiting for those HQ pics btw ;)

  2. Glad to see that you're supporting the Korean economy and investing in our (I consider myself an adoptee of this country now) economy!

  3. so that's why the internet is so slow now... And that's really annoying!
    Hope you finally recovered from that food poisoning


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