Tuesday, March 27, 2007


"Skins" series one just ended recently on Channel 4, but thankfully a new series has been commissioned. The programme has become my favourite programme of the year so far. It features a group of 16/17 year old teenages growing up in Bristol.

Each of the nine episodes featured a character in different situations, some quite funny but each with a serious message. I love it! Such a fresh funny programme with lots of half naked people constantly running around ............................

You can see a collection of cast pictures :

"Skins" Pictures

You can also watch the ending song from Skins series one here:


  1. I've been enjoying it in Korea too believe it or not courtesy of my p2p website and some guy in UK who kindly uploads it every week.

    It reminds me of a 'teeny' and much more 'edgy' Hollyoaks!

  2. I missed a couple of episodes but its bound to be repeated - just glad they will be making a new series later this year.

    I loved "Skins" :-)

    Bring on the nakedness!

  3. I like the main colourful pic :) I'm sure it must be a really nice program but I'm sure it won't be broadcasted here 'cos it would be too rude .


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