Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Emma Bunton Going To America?

Seems like the Spice Girls will need to reunite in America as yet another Spice Girl could be heading to the States. Emma Bunton could be following on the heels of Victoria Beckham and Melanie Brown by going to America to work.

Following her success on "Strictly Come Dancing" at the BBC recently, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) is being wooed to take up a dancing part in the US version of the high rating show. Len Goodman is a judge on both the UK and US versions of the show and is believed to want Emma as part of the next US series. Len was a fan of Emma's right throughout the series and a move to the US would be in line with Simon Fuller's plans to have Emma acting in the States.

Len Goodman - professional dancer and judge.

Emma's new single "All I Need To Know" is released on 12th February and follows up her #3 hit "Downtown", both from her new album "Life in Mono" in the shops now.


  1. I think this wouldn't help Emma that much because she'll achieve the same "success" that Rachel Stevens achieved when Simon decided to get her some small roles in movies that were a bit popular anyway things could be different for Emma if her US fans still remember SG.

  2. Lets hope Simon lands Emma something big!


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