Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Geri's Dog Banned From Gym

Geri at a recent premier in London

Poor Geri Halliwell has quit her Kensington local LA Fitness centre because they have banned her dog from being at her side while she exercised.

Apparently Harry was tied up next to her on the treadmill but as she worked out and the machine made a noise - he began to bark and yelp as he got more and more disturbed. This led to other gym customers to complain and Geri was told it was her or the dog that had to go!

So the front door called and Geri left the gym..................

Geri, if your reading this - I said in my last blog story I was looking for a gym partner if you fancy it!


  1. LOL poor Geri, I'm sure her dog is one of those annoying ones who barks if a fly passes by :P

  2. Yeah he is!

    Even diva's have to abide by the rules...........


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