Sunday, January 07, 2007

Full Moon Story

This week has been a full moon and so poor robmacca has been distracted from his usual blogging and internet searching. I was wondering why I'd been feeling so randy and then the full moon caught my eye and everything clicked into place.
It's official that the full moon makes me, how can I put it................ erm........ change!
Eat your heart out Michael Jackson!!


  1. robert - i love you and all, but mentioning the words "horny", "michael" and "jackson" in the same paragraph is a grammatical boo-boo

  2. LOL that's quite interesting; maybe you find full moon sexy :P .... I think I'm always in that Jackson situation even if there's no full moon.

  3. LOL @ both comments.

    Yes I should remove any likeness to MJ - it might start a riot!

    Charles - everyday must be a full moon day for you (make the most of it while you can!)

  4. *smiles*
    Thanksa lot Rob, I think it there's always full moon for me, I'll take your advice.


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