Friday, January 12, 2007

Beckhams Going To America

Can Posh make it big in LA?

News of the Beckhams move to America has filled the media pages around the world today, as David becomes the world's highest paid footballer, earning an estimated $275m over the next five years (excluding any new endorsements he may get during his time at LA Galaxy football club).

Earning £70k a day, David has said it is not for the money but to grow football in the US, where the sport still lags far behind American football, baseball and basketball. Aged 31, David is far from over career wise and this move away from the traditional home of football may just work out well for sports Golden Balls. The Beckhams are constantly in the media, so where better to end your professional career than in Hollywood. If David can produce the goods for LA Galaxy, then America may just wake up to football and brand Beckham.

This brings us to Victoria, how will America receive the former Spice Girl? She was dubbed a "former celebrity" on last nights CBS news and may find life across the pond harder than her husband. Yet Victoria is a professional when it comes to courting the media's attention - just take the recent wedding of Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes. Victoria was able to stealthe limelight and afforded many tabloid front pages with her eye catching outfits.

It's a new chapter for the Beckhams, which will either bring the biggest returns yet for the DVB brand or it could lead to a gradual disappearance into oblivion like so many that try and conquer America.


  1. i hope they both get what they are wanting out of this experience.

  2. I hope they both get what they deserve......each other!

  3. That's great in my opinion, I mean at least I have more chances of meeting VB now :P

  4. ooooh - someone had an extra serving of Bitch Flakes this morning!

  5. LOL nah I didn't say it in a bitchy way it's just that it would be amazing for me to meet her, especially since I've never met someone I admire.

  6. lol Charles - I wasn't on about your comment ;)

  7. It's funny how a comment can be mis-read.

    I hope the Beckhams are crowned as the new Royal family when they get to America.


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