Monday, January 08, 2007

Drunken Postie!

For legal reasons I can't name names – but there was a postman who went out last night to a party, got VERY drunk, staggered home . Then this said postman, climbed into bed at about 2am and slept through the alarm at 03:20am – thankfully they had a housemate who woke them up for work.

At work, this poor hung over postie felt so tired they found a quiet spot in the building and went to sleep on the floor for about an hour – the cheek of it – getting paid to sleep!


  1. What a nice story, falling asleep on the floor must be quite comfortable especially when you NEED to sleep. LOL I know this is quite random and silly but sometimes I like to lay myself on the kitchen floor 'cos the coldness of the floor feels good on my body.

  2. lol!!!!!!! you're like me, I have fallen asleep a few times at work too, I can actually fall asleep with my right hand on the mouse, my left hand under my chin (elbow on the desk supporting me)!!!


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