Tuesday, September 12, 2006

United Colours of London

As I traveled on the underground during September 11th (aware of the significance of the date), I was also made aware of how the terrorists had failed to divide this great city.

Sat opposite me was an oriental gentleman, who in turn was next next to a white city gentleman - reading his "Financial Times". Next to him was a Latin American man, who was sat next to an attractive black lady, who was sat next to a very dark skinned Indian man. Five very different people from different parts of the world were all able to sit side by side here on London's Underground train system.

The United Colours of London was more proof to me that the freedom we have in our society is so precious.


  1. Beautiful paragraph, the last one, Robbie! Congratulations!
    Holiday okay? Hope so!
    Greets from Lisbon!

  2. Thanks ric,

    Having a wonderful time in London - just setting off back home to Coventry later this morning.
    Wish I was heading to beautiful Lisbon though!

    Being on holiday and relaxing gives me time to think more about life and so thats always a positive thing.

  3. Wow this post is really nice, it's amazing to know that not all our wolrd is narrow-minded! It must've been an amazing trip.


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