Thursday, September 14, 2006

I got married!

A trip to London wouldn't be complete without getting married!

So in a shock to robmacca blog readers - We present the campist pictures to be found on the net this year................................

Always the Groom, never the Bride - fear no more!

* It must be noted that this topic is just for fun and robmacca does NOT go around wearing wedding dresses or any other dresses for that matter. "It's so gay" , replied a sporting robmacca. The wedding was arranged and co starred Justin. Photography by Tina.


  1. LOL I think I prefer the sporting robmacca :P hehe but you look nice as usually. I'm glad to know that you're havin' a real good time mate, you deserve it.

  2. this was too good to go by without me commenting - you cross-dressing ho!

    geri would be so proud :p

    (no need to tell you who this is, eh?)

  3. I get called that by everyone so reveal yourself (not literally!

    I must point out again - I don't normally go around in wedding dresses or any other dresses - I'm 100% man!!!

  4. tis your long-lost relative, you plonk!

  5. I guessed that after I went to your Blog and realised I STILL couldn't post replies and insult you!


  6. this stupid beta blogger thing, grrrr...

    means if i want to insult you i have to actually contact you in reality!

  7. I just wonder how you had the never to wear white....

  8. What I really meant to post was..

    "I just wonder how you had the NERVE to wear white...."

    I need more coffee...

  9. Ben - at least you can still insult me on my Blog, I can't even post my replies on yours !! Grrrrrrrrr

    Gareth - we both know I'm a virtual virgin - so white was very fitting for someone so pure as myself! :-)


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