Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Red Eye Banquet

I went to Ginglik in Shepherds Bush last night to see not only my good friend Norm but also the very talented band Red Eye Banquet who were performing a live set there along with Deadly Rivals and Monkey Seed. The venue was funky as it was underground but the crowd really came to life when REB started up. I love the track "Wanda" and would love it to make the band a hit in the music world.

I did 4 mini video's from the gig last night on my mobile phone and they are uploaded to YouTube. My favourite video is posted above but you can watch the other three video's below:





  1. I've forwarded the links to Towers and Eddie - they liked the videos! :-D

  2. Great stuff!

    It's a pity I had to go and miss the end but it's always good seeing REB and you of course :-)


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