Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dangermouse To Return

Dangermouse is coming back to British TV after originally appearing on ITV 25 years ago with audiences of 3.5 million.
The BBC have bought the rights to screen the series and are planning on re-running this classic children's programme in the coming months.

So look out for Dangermouse with his sidekick Penfold as they try and overcome the world of evil in the shape of evil Baron Greenback!


  1. Aww that's kinda cute, hehe it's good to know that people still like old cartoons. I suppose you were a fan right mate?

  2. I used to get home from school and watch Dangermouse and loved to try and draw it as well :-)

  3. I loved this when I was younger; can't wait to see it again

  4. Wish they were makingnew episodes though!

  5. He's the greatest
    He's fantastic
    Wherever there's danger he'll be there
    He's the ace
    He's amazing
    He's the strongest he's the quickest he's the best
    Danger Mouse

  6. I can't believe you know the words Gareth!

    ..........and YES, I was singing along then.


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