Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friends Re-union

I met up with an old flat mate (Jim) and his wife (Alva) at church tonight.
I used to go out with Alva's sister Sandra, about 19 years ago but when Jim and Alva got married, they moved to the Shetland Islands and I wouldn't go with Sandra so we split up.

Anyway, it was really good to finally see them with their daughters - the family were here in the UK on holiday. They live in the USA now and travel around doing evangelical work.

It was also good to see old friends from church again, but at the same time it reminds me that I had also "failed" in some ways. For Jim and Alva, they had continued going to church, continued committed to each other and committed to God.
I on the other hand - no longer go to church, no longer serve God and don't think I could last a year in a relationship!

I love my life and wouldn't swap what I have, but I sometimes wonder "what if" - it's just human to do so...............................


  1. Alva has not changed one bit!!!

  2. Alva is still the same and Jimmy is looking healthier having put just a bit of weight on.

    The girls really enjoyed their visit to the UK and sang at church that night. It was like hearing the Harris family again - good old memories!


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