Thursday, September 28, 2006

Goodbye Summer

It's time to say goodbye to summer and get set for winter - what a great summer it has been!
June was nice and hot as I spent two weeks in Cyprus with my mate Daz, then July was a scorcher spent many a hour in the garden or at the park. August wasn't exactly a good month for sunshine but September made up for it and I've really enjoyed seeing friends and living life in true "robmacca" style.

Winter means being indoors with the fire on watching a good film and spending longer in bed - just to keep warm................

* The picture above show the Coventry sunset a few days ago, followed by a night view of the Lady Godiva statue.


  1. i love autumn and winter!

  2. Must be cos your in a nice warm school.

    I got a right saoking yesterday!!!

  3. Huahua over here we hardly had a nice summer but it's over as well and now my fave time of the year is coming.. Winter!! I love it especially because of my b-day :P; I was born on Dec 31st which might not be cool for everyone but I like it.

  4. Must be weird having a birthday on New Years Eve - but at least there are fire works on your day!


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