Tuesday, September 05, 2006

robmacca's Colourful Garden

Summer is coming to an end as September signals the final month of being able to sit in the garden for 6 months, so I took some pictures celebrating the colours in a simple garden.
From the blues in the herbs to the yellow in the sunflowers, nature has a lovely way of calming the human mind.



  1. Hi Robbie! Are you okay? Hope so!
    Beautiful pictures, man! What a nice, colourful garden you have! Congratulations! :-)

  2. Thanks RIC , its just a tiny yard but even beauty can be found in such a small place!

  3. Hey Robbie, those pics are really nice I'm loving your sunflowers. Bright colours are always nice!

  4. I like it as well - many years ago the garden was just concrete and no flowers at all but at least now it's a bit brighter in the summer months.

    If anyone has seen Coronation Street (UK soap opera) , they will soon see my garden is like the "yards" on there.


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