Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm the Daddy!

I guess I've been feeling sad this morning cos the two Lithuanian students that have been staying at mine for the past week, have finally got the house they wanted. Vilimas andEvaldas have been like my children this week as I've "looked after" them.

OK, now that sounds weird - what I mean is, i'm never going to actually have real kids, so by being a host when people come to stay - I'm being the daddy!

Now the kids have spread their wings and fled the nest to set up life on their own. If I feel like this after just 1 week, I can only imagine how real parents must feel when their children grow up and leave home after almost 20 years etc.......................


  1. Yay ........... your back, posting as normal.

    Now stop treating this Blog like a hotel and clean your room!!

  2. Aww thta's realy nice Robbie, but hey at least you were able to "raise" them up for a week ;) btw sorry for not posting here lately but it's just that I've had a lot of homework and exams but thi seems to be over now.

  3. Hey Daddy,

    thanx 4 everything. For Dawsan's Creek (yeah), trips, lager, care! You know : )
    We miss you.

    You are the best daddy ever! : )


  4. Wow!

    My child has returned!!!!!!

    Glad you got the internet sorted in your new home and we'll have to meet up soon for a night of lager drinking (Guinness NOT allowed!)

    Miss you guys still.

    P.S. I have a TV for you.


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