Monday, September 11, 2006

London Update

Just a little update to let you know I'm alive and well living it up in London on my holiday!
I arrived Saturday evening and we (Kev,Nana and I) went straight out drinking in Islington.
Spent the night clubbing at the Carling Academy in quite an indie night called "Feeling Gloomy" - sad music you can dance to!

As you can see from the pictures taken late into the night - everyone got quite drunk.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day as well so we walked into the centre of London, sat in Soho Square eating our Subway and enjoying the views. Then we boarded a boat and had a cracking view of the London Eye as we drank our super chilled Fosters!
Then we spent the rest of the night drinking in Islington until the final bar closed at midnight!

Today I'm off to Shepherds Bush to see Norm and the Red Eye Banquet perform at Ginglik, which I'm really looking forward too. Tomorrow I'm hoping to catch up with a good friend who's just got back from traveling the world for the past year.

That's your update folks!


  1. Nice pics! and also it seems that the weather over there is really nice, over here it's all about vlouds and rain :s I'm glad to know you're having a good time mate.

  2. It has been better weather wise this month than last month!

    London was good - but expensive.


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