Friday, September 29, 2006

Back on the Spice Girls Wagon!

I've had a bit of an *ebay relapse over the past two weeks - and for those of you that know me well, will know it's a weakness strongly leaning towards the Spice Girls.
Even though I packed the old Spice Girls memorabilia into boxes and into the loft, I had a spare fifty pounds in my paypal account so have blown it all on buying signed CD's, 12", chocolate, make up, flask ......Ohh the list goes on and on but it's still rather worrying that I'm still collecting stuff after all these years.


  1. Lol I think that's nice mate I mean even though I wasn't part of the Spice era (because I was too young and really didn't care about music as much as I do now) I know it was a really nice time when everybody would be happy even if they didn't sing live.

  2. I kind of missed the Spice Girls era as well, and only jumped on the band wagon AFTER it was all over and people started hating them (c.Holler).
    I just love the whole hype and all that it represented at that time.

  3. i loved the spicegirls!

  4. I'd of never guessed Ben, I think it must be the family connections...........


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