Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Royal Mail Coventry To Close

Royal Mail are set to close down the largest delivery office in the UK and transfer the work from Coventry to Northampton in their latest plans to save money.

The office, which was opened by the Queen just over 30 years ago, currently houses hundreds of Royal Mail employees. Those that are part of the Mail Centre (Processing) will be expected to travel almost an hour to a new location and back again. Many of those affected only work 4 hours per night, so are not likely to want to commute so far for a few hours work. It seems this way Royal Mail have the answer solved for them!

Sadly, my brother sounds like he will be one of those who could become a casualty of the move, since he doesn't drive. I should be OK this time around, as they are going to find two buildings for delivery staff within Coventry.

Once the new sorting machines are in place, then I can start to worry about job losses my end!


  1. gosh - the midlands really are going through a bit of a naff point in time business-wise

    i hope your brother gets sorted

  2. Cheers Ben - he text me last night but doesn't know what will happen to his job yet.

    I guess job losses and relocations are part and parcel of globalisation and capitalism.


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