Friday, September 01, 2006

Melanie C DVD Recording Gig

What a fantastic night we all had in central London at the Melanie C DVD recording. The venue was perfect, the crowd were electric and Melanie was at her best.
Great acoustic set followed by a hyper rock set with the crowd going wild. Loved the little bloomers and the funny comments by Melanie about the heat and it felt like she was doing a fitness video.
"Don't you just hate it when they do that? Greedy

Top Quote: "Thanks to Virgin for dropping me"

It had been over a year since I'd seen so many of my forum friends from and DenDen, as always it was a pleasure to see them all.
I just had to take another picture of Jessy drinking her Stella - nice little re-union from the Bar Fly Tour days.

Ben, Ryan& Swez had made sure I got to the gig so a big shout out to them as well.

Got to meet so many fans from around the world - some had sacrificed so much to get here and their dedication really showed.

The whole event was paid for by Melanie herself and once again shows us all that it's not all about the money every time. She's doing what she loves and it clearly shows in her performance on stage. I can't wait til the DVD comes out later in October/November.

After the gig finished at midnight , it was time to say goodbye to the hot and sweaty fans and Brian and I wandered around Piccadilly trying to find a pub that was still open but eventually returned to our hotel bar for a few more drinks.

All in all the DVD recording gig was one of the best in such a long time - I'm still on a high now. I was able to have a bit of a boogie at the back with fellow Mel C nutters who were enjoying the whole experience.


  1. Glad you were able to go, Robbie! Oh I so wish I was there, but the ocean is kinda preventing me from going to such things. :p

  2. Glad you were there in spirit Angie - just wish I'd known your picture was there.
    :-( No pictures of you and I this time sadly.

    Your gonna love the DVD when it comes out.

  3. Yep Ben we had our own little party at the back - which I loved.
    So much better than being squashed at the front.

  4. yes - the competitive days are over for me; the back is far superior

  5. lol - i just realised....i recognise that wrist!

  6. Yep - I do as well.
    Good family I have isn't it!?!

  7. oh!! I posted my above comment while I was surfing at work, but now that I'm home, I can say that it took me a while just now to see that it's a WRIST in the first picture, LOL. I didn't know what it was while I was at work and I was afraid it was something I couldn't look at, tehe, so I didn't.

    I admit it's hard not to feel left out at such events, I mean, it's like ALL your friends are there, but you can't be there. And that's not even bringing Melanie C into the picture.

    It's funny that you recognize most fans at such things now. It's also nice too, like an intimate kinda thing.

    Hope to see you again, Robbie! and not in a rushed way...

  8. it was great meeting you again rob *hug* i really enjoyed the bloody expensive stella beer :) and your cherry vodka thingy wasnt that bad actually! hope to see you soon again, take care!!!

  9. Awwwww Angie *hugs* I know what you mean.
    But it's nice to know your friends also think about you while they are at such events - I loved the pictures of you with the lads ;-)

    Meanwhile the wristband itself was Ben's (muse-ic) - he'd sent me the picture to let me know they were giving them out at the gig. I was busy getting tipsy at the pub with another fan.

    It's times like this week that you realise just how many friends you have on the forums and why we are friends!

  10. Oh Jessy!

    It was a real pleasure meeting up with you again after over 2 years.
    I couldn't resist printing the picture above of you with your can of Stella (hope you didn't mind the joke topic on DD!).

    You added to, what was a perfect night - so thank you so much for being YOU!

    Til next time

  11. WOW!! it must've been amazing, I really like Mel Cs personality and all her musci, it's really nice that not all artist are interested in money!


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