Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Emma Bunton Buys Baby Cast Kit

Emma Bunton and Jade Jones are reported to have bought a "Belly Cast Kit" in London last week while out shopping.
Now "Baby Spice" will literally stay Baby Spice forever thanks to the £30 belly casting kit which Jade purchased from Flaxon Ptootch hair salon in Kentish Town.

According to The Sun the kit contains easy-to-follow instructions, plaster bandage, Vaseline, plastic sheeting, legs and knickers protector, two pairs of gloves in two sizes, apron, picture hook and silver-wired ribbon.
One customer described Jade bouncing "into the shop like an excited father-to-be and said he was interested in one of the kits in the window display".

Spice Girl Emma Bunton has been announced as the new face for Mamas & Papas Autumn Winter 07 fashion range.

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