Sunday, August 12, 2007

Penis Wash!

It's a quiet Sunday morning watching TV, when throughout the morning I am bombarded with "Vagisil Wash" adverts.

At first I didn't pay attention but after seeing it more than once, I wondered what it was. Then the penny dropped and I worked out it was a cleaning product for a ladies vagina.

"How weird", I thought, "Why have a cleaning product just for the vagina?". The picture even shows it is soap free and doesn't cause irritation.

It got me thinking............

What about a "Penis Wash" product for men - after all, most men could do with giving it a good wash (according to those in the know).

Just imagine Sunday morning TV being filled with adverts and some dodgy "Penis Wash" product telling us all how we can get "intimate cleaning, without irritation"!

The more I thought about it, the more I could see it might be a bad idea.

Imagine men up and down the country, locked away in the bathroom with their penis in their hand and "Penis Wash" in the other.

Alas, that "gently freshens" feeling might be a bit too much for the average male and he might start cleaning his penis even more often!


  1. dare I admit this - I have some penis wash stuff someone got for me.

    haven't used it yet though!

  2. I bet your penis is VERY dirty by now then!


    I didn't realise you can get a penis wash...............

  3. Well, there you have can.

    No comment on the dirty comment (A)

  4. I think you should donate it to a local raffle.............


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