Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Views from a Post Round

After a wild few days, it's time to calm things back down................. I'm actually glad to get back to work for a "rest"!

I love being postman cos it keeps me fit and gives me the chance to see Coventry more. The pictures above are a snap shot of daily life on my post round. Pictures 1 and 3 show a duck with her young ducklings crossing the road. I couldn't get too close as she was not happy at seeing me walking up the street.

Picture 2 was a randow flower bush display in bright pink. Seeing this flower made me see the beauty around me as I walk along. It had been raining all morning yet seeing the pretty flower showed me why we Brits love the weather really - it's good for the gardens!

The final picture was taken 10 floors up at Kenilworth Court, by the Memorial Park. Rather than take a picture of the park, I opted to show the mass of houses that make up urban life in Coventry. Somehow I was hoping I would be able to see my house.............................


  1. You'll be like the duckling that was wallowing in it's own poo by the time I've finished with you!

  2. ewwww...lower the tone, why don't you?!

  3. Your BANNED from ever coming back to Coventry andI'm writing you out of my will.

    I'll have to find someone else to give my Geri Halliwell collection to................

  4. Ok, that was mean, I'll still leave you my Geri Halliwell collection!

  5. I'm gonna set the Mel B fans on you .............

    Oh hang on, there aren't any left.


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