Monday, May 29, 2006

Girls Aloud NIA Birmingham Pictures - Part 2

Here are another five pictures from Friday night's performance by Girls Aloud in Birmingham. All taken with Alex's mobile, because my phone pictures were rubbish! We were sat about 6 row's from the front, so our view was pretty good - except when the people in front held up their "I love Nicola Roberts" banner. All of which was very nice for Miss Roberts when she saw the banner. It was only when the lights came on I could see why this lad (aged about 6) had the banner - he was ginger, so Nicola would be the perfect ginger role model! Bless..............

The costume changes were fast and of course sexy as the concert moved along quickly, featuring music from all three albums. Sarah has such a good attitude on stage and always makes excellent conversation with the audience. I might just upload a video clip at some point.

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