Monday, May 29, 2006

Rock n Roll

Public holidays are good excuses to go out even more and drink - so my housemate and I wasted no time in taking advantage of this Bank Holiday weekend. We even managed to fit some drinking in before we got to town (as the first picture shows). The night got quite surreal when we ended up at some strangers house. Better still, some girl invited herself back to ours and we managed to upset the neighbours several doors up by blasting out music at 7am. (See video below). The less said the better ..................... spent Sunday afternoon in bed recovering, before hitting the town again for another drinking session.
Today is chill out day, just a quiet BBQ and erm...................... alcohol.

P.S. - If your the owner of the sunglasses in the picture above, let me know and you can have them back as I seemed to have "acquired" them on Saturday night!


  1. LOL, that sunglasses comment reminded me of a time when my friend Denis and I were walking along a hiking trail path, found a pair of sunglasses, and he put them on, and I made the remark "wouldn't it be funny if the owner of the sunglasses was walking his way back and sees you walking so casually in them?!"

  2. Did the owner ever walk by?

    I took the glasses into town last night in case I bumped into the girl or the owner of the glasses - but alas I still have them!


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