Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Crossroads Meet Up

Not many of you will know about "Crossroads", it was a soap opera set in the West Midlands from 1964 til 1988. It came back in 2001 til 2003 before finally being axed. I've been on the forum for about 8 months but don't post that often but enjoy the forum with it's banter and retro Crossroads talk.
Well, today we are off to Scunthorpe for a "Crossroads" meet up. There will be lots of champagne and lots of fun I'm sure. You only live once, so you might as well do things you wouldn't do.


  1. hope you had wkd time and met some funky people

    ...anyone nice than me must die.

  2. Meg Mortimer / Richardson - what a 'gay icon'! She was the 'Dot Cotton' of her day but obviously a rather more sophisticated version. I always had a thing for Adam Chance - I must point out that I was in 'short pants' at the time!

    Have a great time.....

  3. As you can see from my other posts - we had a great time.
    Leone , I'm not sure I'd ever class Dot Cotton as any kind of "gay" icon. Now Bet Lynch from good old Coronation Street would be a good contender.

    Meeting Cindy Marshall Day was brill, she's a total diamond!

  4. Dot love? MEGGA Gay Icon! She even has a few gay clubs / bars named after her. One of which isn't that far from you as the crow flies!!

    But of course, I agree that Julie Goodyear also has a place on the list.........

  5. LOL, oh my goodness - there really is a "Dot Cotton Club", not sure it can be doing that well though since they had the flop pop group "Pop!" (now dropped).

    Thanks for the link Leone.


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