Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crossroads Day Out - Review

As you can see from the select pictures in the posts below, we had a fantastic night out in Scunthorpe because the "Cindy Marshall Day" meet up went really well.
The soap opera had brought together a collection of people from all over the country and we got to share this special evening with Tracey Booth (Cindy Marshall Day).

Cindy was so down to earth and very sweet with us all and gave us her full attention all evening, I liked the way she was natural and yet glamorous.

A big well done to Michael and the crew who worked hard to make the evening a success and kept our Crossroads memories alive. What a day to remember.............


  1. that's really good that some of the acotrs were there! made it special for you.

    how many fans went?

  2. It was a fairly small affair since it was difficult for people to get there but about 12 people ventured from as far as the Isle of White, Scotland, London, Leeds, Peterbough and good old Coventry of course.
    We were there to meet Cindy (who played Tracey Booth).


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