Friday, May 19, 2006

Eurovision Semi Final Results

What the hell?

I've just finally watched the Eurovision Semi Final (I decided that going out and enjoying alcohol and then having a good sleep and a spot of masturbation a higher priority!). As always I like to score each of the songs and as with last year I got 5 right and 5 wrong.

Here are the 10 that go through to Saturday's final:

FYR Macedonia
Bosnia & Herzegovina


The countries that are bold were my choices to go through, and listed below are the 5 other countries I thought should go through:


I'm shocked that Belgium, a 14-1 favourite didn't make it and Iceland got booed because of her earlier comments about Greece (which she said sorry for later).

Indeed Saturday will be a Euro feast of weird songs, bizarre voting and shock results. Daz Sampson is putting up a brave fight and I'm surprised the bookies have him @ 12-1 (according to as of 18/05/2006 before Semi Final results). Ithink he'll finish lower than 15th, but this is Eurovision, so you just never know how it will turn out.

My top 10 songs will be nothing like the final top 10 that will be voted for on Saturday!

My favourite to win is still Anna Vissi from the host country Greece is still my choice to win, with a surprise showing from Croatia's Severina with her light bulb changing dance song. My outside choice is from Lithuania's LT United "We Are The Winners".

If you've got no idea what I'm going on about then visit:

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