Sunday, May 07, 2006

Eurovision is coming...........

With less than 2 weeks til the Eurovision Song Contest Final, I hope I get more excited than I'm feeling at the moment. Normally by now I've watched all the video's, listened to the songs and viewed all the galleries on the official website.
I seem to be so distracted this year, but I have ordered the CD and will get the DVD when it comes out. Going to the Take That and Girls Aloud concert's later this month seems more important this year..................


  1. give it time...your gayness will prevail

  2. The trannies have a monopoly on winning that of late don't they?

  3. That's part and parcel of Eurovision!

    Oh Ben, how could you imply I am gay??

    Spice Girls?
    Take That?

    It's just a coincidence..........


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