Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Geri Halliwell - Hello Magazine with baby Bluebell

If you want to catch up on all the news post birth of Geri Halliwell's baby Bluebell Madonna, then this weeks "Hello" magazine has an exclusive interview along with lots of pictures. The magazine went on sale today and tells how Geri chose the name and why she is besotted since the birth of her baby daughter.
She reveals; "Nothing else seems to matter: no success, nor all the money in the world could match being a mother with Bluebell in my arms."

Looks like Geri will be popping out alot more sprogs in the years to come if this interview is anything to go by, plus she'll be doing it right here in the UK.

Any perspective fathers - please apply here for a test!


  1. "nor all the money in the world could match being a mother..."

    haha - she makes me laugh!

  2. Good for Geri. I think she needs to have a great time. A baby it's a great oportunity to be the happiest girl in the whole world.
    Bye Rob.

  3. the skank. ;)

    btw, robbie, when I send text messages, it's showing us as a UK number unfortunately, so if you ever get a text from me, please don't hit "reply" but instead send me a text directly to my # in Canada!

  4. OK Angie, I usually reply via your Canadian number cos it show's up as a UK number.

    Hope your doing ok.


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