Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Big Brother v Eurovision Semi Final

It's the clash of the titans on Thursday as Channel 4 launches Big Brother 7 as BBC3 airs the Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final.

While Big Brother will win audience wise , I've decided NOT to tune in and watch it. That way I'll hopefully not let myself get hooked over the summer, wasting hours of precious time. It annoys me they put the launch day to a Thursday instead of the usual Friday and this year BB is even longer.
Call me evil,but I'm hoping it flops rating wise - it's about time Channel 4/E4 made quality educational programmes rather than this mindless dribble that hooks suckers like me each year!

Now, sad is something I am cos instead I'll be watching BBC3 and the Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final. Yet it's my day off on Friday so a great opportunity to go out and get drunk Thursday night - so if I stay in and watch it, then I'll have missed the chance to get drunk on a Thursday and NOT have to get up for work (unlike last week!).

I'll let you know Friday whether I buckled under pressure and watched BB7 or was sad and stayed in to watch the Eurovision Semi Final rather than going out to have a good night out.........

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