Monday, May 01, 2006

Time For Shorts

No, I'm not about to parade about in THOSE kind of shorts! I don't think my employers would be very pleased, even though one or two of my customers might like it. Oh my.......... imagine if I did wear those shorts on my post round! *drifts into fantasy land*

Several hours later robmacca returns to finish this topic:

Today will be the first day I wear my shorts on my post round and it means there will be chicken legs out walking in the streets of Coventry. Come rain or shine, for the next 6 months my legs will be exposed. Thankfully not as exposed as the picture above, they will be inside my Royal Mail blue shorts - with nothing being exposed to the poor unsuspecting public.

Sunbathing in my garden is another subject, best saved for another day I think! *winks*


  1. Only from my fellow postie's.

    Plus this young couple in a car wolf whistled at me, then went rather red when a few seconds later they were caught up in traffic and I crossed the road right by their car.
    They weren't so brave anymore.....

    My legs look like uncooked chicken wings!


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