Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Postie Tale..............

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It was just another normal day on my post round, as one of my customers asked if I had any letters for her.
She was a dear old lady - as polite as you would expect a traditional English lady to be.
I rummaged through my pile of letters checking if I had any;

"No, none for you today - no junk or bills"

It was at this point I accidentally let out a small fart from my bottom. It hadn't been planned or expected but Ijust hope she didn't hear it.

I carried on walking down the garden paths smiling embarrassingly at the thought of my fart just happening like that...........................


  1. Its after I sent that Holly Valance Video


  2. Chris, your right - I blame you totally for this!

    Meanwhile - some good news for you:

    From Sunday the Five Monkey's Bar will be open in the evenings, with a kareokee this week.

  3. oooh that was uhmm.. so funny, sorry :P

  4. LOL

    maybe she took a huge whiff of the air after you left....:)

  5. I'm on a different post round now, so i'm spared the blushes of seeing her again...........


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