Saturday, March 25, 2006

Life as a postie..............

Spring is in the air and life as a postie just gets better as the warmer mornings arrive.
Walking the streets, you have to be careful what you stand in yet today I almost stood on a frog as he sat on the path.
As well as a squirrel, I saw cats, dogs and blackbirds all on my city walk. I really love my job on days like these as the sun shone on this bright Saturday morning.


  1. I feel homesick!! Ha ha....... Where is your walk?

  2. At the moment I'm delivering over in Finham, but might be on the move again after next week as the guy who's walk I cover is coming back.

    I'd feel homesick if I lived away from England. I love it too much!

    * I've added your Blog - hope you don't mind! Feel free to add mine if you want.

  3. Finham? I have a house in Brentwood Avenue - another coincidence! Your blog has been added to my links and thanks for linking to me!

  4. Wow! You might live on the other side of the world but it goes to show, we really do live in a "small world".

    I've not delivered to Brentwood Avenue for about 9 years (I covered it while someone was on holiday)

    They are moving me about next week but I am doing Kempas Highway one day next wek, so not too far away from where your house is.

    Meanwhile - I'm LOVING your blog, so I'm glad we've linked into each others.

    Addictive is a good word to discribe yours! ;-)


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